How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

You’ve had your eyes on her since the moment you met her.

She’s cunning.
She’s perfect.
You remember that one time you inquired among your girl friend’s:

Just how do I know whether a girl likes me?
She told you things like…

Watch out for the clues when she flips her hair or…

She’s ready to kiss you… if she licks her lips
While all of these could be valid types of indexes – the far truth lies elsewhere.

So then, you take mental note of all these signs that seemingly “never lie”.

You walk as much as her, you guys banter back and forth…

Oh my god, she has both of her feet pointing at me
Your spontaneous side kicks in, you encourage her to grab a quick drink at Starbucks with you, and she concurs.

Does she really enjoy me? I mean, I’m a random stranger and she hasn’t left me yet
So how may I tell if she actually likes me? Or..

If she’s trying to be pleasant to me.


Instants after, you …, you shoot her a text, and catch her number

She doesn’t respond…

You take mental tests of all the hints she gave BUT… to you and go back

You forgot one important thing…

Focus on what really matters in the interaction

It’s no different than spending on a regular basis in the world because you believe to purchase clothing girls.

Obviously, it DOES help, but focus on the bigger picture and what truly matters.

We all know that attempting to determine if your girl likes you can be genuinely rough…

Occasionally it can feel like you’re attempting to guess all the solutions on a multiple choice test.

But don’t stress, we’ll cover the truth in this article.

Important hints of attractions (IOI’s)

maxresdefault (1)There’s a term which you discover that’s usually used by “pickup artists” and it’s called “IOI’s” – short for Indexes of Interest.

Some will assert that these signs are EVERYTHING when ascertaining the amount of attraction she has for you.

While some will claim that these signs don’t mean jack shit.

I’m here to let you know that it’s white and not black.

I’m also here to tell you that it’s crucial to understand IOI’s do exist, and why it may be misinterpreted and given the circumstance, be completely distinct in reality.

Please use common sense while reading this post and don’t function as the man that thinks:

Got it?

Let’s go over 10 obvious signs a girls likes you:

  1. She talks very animatedly/her vocal tonality goes up
  2. She re-initiates the dialog when you stop talking
  3. She actually is maintaining powerful eye contact for a very long time
  4. She doesn’t mind proximity
  5. A joke throws back at you
  6. If you have a girlfriend she inquires
  7. She avoids mentioning her boyfriend
  8. She compliments you
  9. Your phone number is asked for by her
  10. Focusing on “indicators of interest” can in fact damage your game

You hear constantly out of your pals that “ If a girl flips her hair while talking to you personally, then she enjoys you…”

Now I ’m not saying to be an ignorant fool who dismisses all the hints and doesn’t consider it exists.

You must ask yourself WHY you are talking to women. THAT’s the significant question to consider.

Start with the end in mind.
You must be clear in what you are doing and WHY you do it…

I mostly discuss to women because it’s ENTERTAINING.

You realize what’s not interesting in my experience?

Examining their moves and figuring out how you can counter act them.

Focusing too much on these indexes will end up making you behave strange in front of girls.

I ‘dn’t advocate any one starting off to enter this profound investigation while going out BUT understand that it does exist.

This occurs a lot when guys start out talking to girls.

My general rule of signs of interest is:

If she stays and discusses with you presume she’s interested
If she leaves and tells you to fuck off = assume she’s not interested
Seriously though, people who focus too much on these “machinists” are doing it incorrect…

The best way to learn is always to fail AFTER WHICH make small tweaks and assess what you did wrong.

Only because she looks at you and grins at you a particular way – does not necessary mean you are liked by her.

I ’m not saying that you shouldn’t look out for these signs but…

If you’re starting to feel lost the construction exists to keep you on course.

Be aware that these signs DO exist, understand the psychology behind it, don’t rely on them 100%, and use a good little bit of common sense to it when interacting with a girl.

Yet Another Time…

If she discusses with you presume she is interested and stays
If she tells you to fuck off = presume she’s not interested and leaves
Focus on what really matters.

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